Albino Update is here!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

The latest update brings new wanted skin types for dinosaurs. There are also new parameters in the scoring system with the introduction of Legendary score. Read on to find all patch content.

New dinosaur skin types: Albino and melanistic

Each dinosaur species has got two new skin types that are very rare and challenging to find!

The full list of dinosaur skin types is now:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Melanistic
  • Albino


Dinosaurs with albino skin condition have a very light/white skin color. Albinos are the hardest to find as chances of spawning one are small. They will give you the highest rarity score from such dinosaurs. They are also quite easy to spot as they don’t really blend in the environment!


Dinosaurs with melanistic skin condition have a really dark/black skin color. Melanistic dinosaurs are very rare but not as rare as albinos. They will give you higher rarity scores than rare skin type dinosaurs.

New score class: Legendary

Legendary is the new highest score you can get. The game score ranks are now the following:

  • None
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Legendary

Trophy score variables were also adjusted to house more variables for scores. There are three new variables:

  • Rarity bonus: When a dinosaur is of albino or melanistic or rare skin type you’ll get bonus score depending on level of rarity. 
  • Heart shots bonus: Depending on how many shots hit the heart you’ll get an increase in this bonus. Hits are counted both from shots that first hit the heart and which penetrated to eventually hit the heart.
  • Difficult gun bonus: When a dinosaur is shot with a difficult weapon you’ll get an increase in this bonus.

The existing “Rarity bonus” variable was renamed to “Weight bonus” because that’s what it is. Your existing scores won’t be affected by these changes.

Modding improvements

  • Fixed some null issues with parameters
  • Added notification event
  • Player position can be set as position
  • Added default “dinosaurs_alive” parameter
  • Added “parameter_smaller_than” condition
  • Added new placeable wall

Other improvements

  • Improved connectivity: Game tries to reconnect to server for maximum of 30 seconds if internet connection is dropped before throwing player back to the menu
  • Pachycephalosaurus rare skin was changed to better distinguish it from other skin types
  • Utahraptor rare skin was changed to better distinguish it from other skin types

Bug fixes

  • Drag & drop of equipment automatically closes the equipment dialog box if one is open. This fixes the possibility of losing equipment if moving equipment when dialog was left open.
  • Mission suggestion dialogs appear only after the player has left the shop view. Fixes player movement that previously was possible with shop open when a mission was suggested.
  • Fixed issue where dinosaur could get stuck in attack loop.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.