Binoculars Update 0.86

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

This update brings many improvements to the environment and the sound atmosphere. We’d like to hear your feedback, you can chat with us on Discord or give feedback straight in the game.


Players can get a new item: binoculars. They provide a lot more zoom than the regular scopes of rifles giving you the ability to scout your surroundings better.



Our first missions are targeted for new players. By completing these missions players get different rewards. We will continue creating new missions in the coming patches.

Dinosaur spawns

Dinosaurs are now moving in their own territories. Different species have different territories. Dinosaur spawns have been balanced to provide a more even distribution of dinosaurs on the island.

New sound system

Ambience sound system was changed to provide a more vivid and dynamic experience. You can now hear a lot of new sounds from the world.

When a player goes through bushes he makes more sound.


New trees, bushes and grass have been added to bring more variance into the world. The work continues in the coming patches.



Hovering items in Inventory now shows their name. Fixed some inventory bugs related to ammunition.

Other improvements

  • Depth of field is now reduced making the game sharper
  • Fixed some of the micro stutters
  • When player gets coins and xp he gets summary notifications of these
  • Player’s marker now works properly in map and is visible in compass and for other players
  • Giganotosaurus hp was slightly increased
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus sounds can be heard further away
  • Added “Connecting to server” popup to main menu when game is connecting
  • Improved checking where player can’t respawn too near to dinosaurs
  • Dinos no longer air walk after going over a cliff and dinos no longer hop when walking up small inclinations
  • Fixed player icons in player menu
  • Fixed some caps from clipping player's head
  • Fixed player being able to climb huge rock
  • Reduced sound distance of helicopter and made fixes for it’s flying height based on terrain
  • Improved player sync
  • Dinosaurs create footprints more often making tracking more viable
  • New notification icons
  • Added new game settings for low end hardware
  • Hiding pistol no longer places right hand awkwardly
Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing what are your thoughts on the features shown. Join the discussion in Discord by following this link: