Custom Maps Update has been published!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

A fresh update is here! It includes custom maps with map editor, a composite bow, reworked dinosaur models among other improvements. Check out these patch notes to see all included content.

Watch the patch video here:

Custom maps & map editor

Players can create custom maps and publish them for others to play through Steam Workshop. These maps can be played both in solo or in multiplayer.

Custom maps have been in our public beta for over a month now and we did get a lot of feedback, thank you for that! Here are some screenshots of maps created by users GodEater and HeartOfTheWild (Thank you for your effort! 🙂 that are available to play through Steam Workshop:

To use the map editor have a look at these testing version instructions:

Please note that these instructions don’t contain all the updates we have done during the testing phase. We will be releasing an up-to-date version of the instructions later.

Here are some highlights what you can do with the editor:

  • Choose map size from Medium (2x2km) and Large (4x4km). And you can choose to create an island or inland map
  • Generate a base terrain according to set parameters to accelerate map creation
  • Create roads
  • Create areas and generate own textures and objects on them
  • Create special locations
  • Add custom objects
  • Generate gameplay elements

Hunting Bow

A new composite hunting bow is now available. Compared to the old tribal bow it’s more deadly and easier to use over longer distances due to less arrow drop. It does cost a bit more though. It’s also very silent to use so you won’t spook your prey. With it comes new ammo type called Carbon Arrows that you will find in the shop or loot boxes.

Reworked Compsognathus

The old Compsognathus model has been replaced with a totally new one with new textures and animations.

Reworked Pachycephalosaurus

Pachycephalosaurus got a rework too: New model, animations and textures have been released in this update.

Dinosaur AI improvements

  • All dinosaurs will now spend more time still either idling, eating, drinking or sleeping depending on the species.
  • Larger carnivores hunt less herbivores.

Dinosaur corpse markers

Two new dinosaur carcass markers have been added to both the environment and the map view. Once you’re near a dinosaur carcass a dino skull icon will appear on top of a carcass. This will help you identify any corpses in dense environments and is helpful especially with smaller dinos. The icons are displayed until the dinosaur has been claimed.

In the map view you will see a red dot for a new dinosaur carcass. You will only see these markers for dinosaurs where you are the killer as indicated in the trophy screen. If you hover the red dot icon you’ll see what species it is. The icon is shown until the dinosaur has been claimed.

Prioritized dinosaur interaction

Dinosaur carcasses take priority over footprints and blood marks when using interact. This will be helpful especially with compies.

First person secondary animations improvement

Walk, crouch and other secondary animations have been improved. The character movement on different terrain feels smoother now. The animations better match footsteps. Sidesteps happen at the same speed as forward steps. This improvement also fixed the issue with swaying hands while playing with slower FPS.

Trophy lodge updates

A new stand is available in trophy lodge: Small stand. You can use it to display Compsognathus.

Dinosaur descriptions improvement

All dinosaur description texts were improved by our community members BonzerK, God Eater, Megatron and Oblivion is at hand. Thank you for your help!

Reset key bindings in main menu

You can now reset your key bindings to default by holding C and R buttons in main menu. A message will pop up when the reset has been done. This will help in situations where some mistaken key bindings would prevent the player from doing anything in the game. You no longer must go to Windows registry to reset settings.

Other improvements

  • Heart and lung shots cause a lot longer bleeding. A heart shot will eventually be deadly for any dinosaur.
  • Improved upper body animations in third person characters
  • Improved performance of mangrove trees
  • Optimized weekly walk server data. Past challenges now ordered from latest to oldest
  • Weekly challenge list can be scrolled.
  • End time of past Weekly challenges is shown.
  • Weekly challenge reward can be obtained in Weekly Challenge menu too (no longer only in main menu).
  • Leaderboard entries are shown at top of scroll list even when low entry count.
  • .700 Double rifle iron sights were reworked.
  • .50 Cal rifle iron sights were improved.
  • Updated French and German translations (Thank you MagSouille and NQ!)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rejoin functionality in multiplayer
  • Client players see correct clothing on other players
  • Fixed syncing of gloves for 3rd person characters
  • Fixed issue where other players in multiplayer could have multiple guns on hand at once
  • Fix for 50 cal reload animation where the right hand would bug out sometimes
  • Holding breath no longer triggers while gun is recovering from fire. (No more slow-motion effect when recovering)
  • Fix for holding breath causing weirdness in animation when stopping aiming or starting to reload.
  • Fixed Brachiosaurus stomp sounds happening while standing still idling.
  • Fixed translation errors with new translation validator.
  • Fixed animation while using callers or binoculars while running.
  • Fixed issue with camo net and hide functionality that caused player to be unable to change any equipment

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. What would you like to see next?