Development Blog #11 – Closing in the Early Access release

junkerdaleDevelopment news

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Here is a larger blog post of our latest development progress while we prepare the game for Early Access release.

New game menu


Game menu has got an improved visual look. A couple of functionality improvements were also introduced: From the top right corner players can check their current experience points, money, title and level. Options menu was improved to provide better usability.

Multiplayer in-game chat

Players can now chat in in-game chat. You can write a message by pressing Y. History of previous messages is also displayed on the screen.

Multiplayer teams


Players can now join teams in multiplayer sessions. This way you can see only where your team members are on the map. This makes it easier for players to coordinate hunting in their own group.

Dino organ hit visuals


The inspect screen now has internal organ images of all the dinosaurs. When inspecting a killed/tranquilized dinosaur players can now see more clearly in which parts they hit the dinosaurs.

Multiplayer hit analysis

Players can now see from killed or tranquilized dinosaurs which players have hit the dinosaurs in which areas. This is seen when inspecting a dinosaur.

Death screen


The death screen got new visuals. The functionality is the same as with the old screen.

Dinosaur sounds

More sounds have been added to the dinosaurs. Walking and running sounds were also fixed as some dinos didn’t make any sounds when they were walking or the sounds were a bit off.

Scope view


Players can now see a muzzle flash when they are using the scope view and shooting. Some guns also lacked reload sound while in scope view and now have gotten that.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing what are your thoughts on the features shown. Join the discussion in Discord by following this link: