Development Blog #13

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

In this development blog we present our latest work with the game. We are working on several improvements like adding Carnotaurus and a new weapon: double rifle. These improvements you can expect to see in the next patch. All images are work in progress images and are subject to change.

.700 Double Rifle

.700 double rifle will be added to the game. This double barrel weapon will be different from other weapons as you can fire two barrels rapidly with great force but you have to reload every two shots.



Work is ongoing with Carnotaurus. It will be another large carnivore that will be both fast and challenging to kill. It has now charge behaviour, so it will try to knock you down instead of only biting.


Landscape changes

We want to improve the playability of several areas of the map. Some really steep hills are being removed enabling more land where dinosaurs and players can roam more freely. New types of trees are being tested and ways to populate more areas with large bushes.


Localization system

We are building a localization system that enables us to translate the game to different languages.


These were some of the features that you will be seeing in the next update. We are also working on fixes for issues reported by our players.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Join the discussion in Discord by following this link: