Development Blog #20 – Spinosaurus and drinking dinosaurs!

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

We are currently working on multiple improvements including Spinosaurus and AI improvements with a mechanism that dinosaurs will get thirsty and need something to drink. All images are work in progress images and are subject to change.


Spinosaurus is in development and will feature new behavior not seen with other dinosaurs. Our Spinosaurus will be semiaquatic meaning it lives both on land and water. It will be interesting to run into this beast in water … 

Dinosaurs drinking

In the future dinosaurs will be able to gather near water to go for a drink. A dinosaur group will get thirsty and then find a water source to drink up. We are defining drinking areas for different dinosaur groups. 

Player swimming

We want to provide access to both shallow and deep water for players. There are areas in the map where the player would need to evade a lot of water to go to another place and the possibility to swim will make traveling easier in these cases.

Island texture improvement

Work has been done to improve the ground texture of the island to show more detail. Here are two examples with before and after shots of current progress:





Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.