Development Blog #22 – Skip the night in tents!

junkerdaleDevelopment news

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Development is ongoing for tents where players can skip the night. New points of interest are being added to the map giving players more locations to find. All images are work in progress images and are subject to change.


Tents will give the players ability to sleep through the night. Usage of tent will only be possible during nighttime. Players will wake up in the morning.

A tent is being added to each special location. In addition there will be new locations on the map with just tents.

New locations

In addition to current special locations we are working on smaller locations. There will be three types of locations with different capabilities:

  • Pick up point
  • Stash
  • Resting spot

Pick up points

Pick up points will have fast travel capability with the familiar fast travel machine. You’re able to fast travel from there to any special location. You’re not able to fast travel to these new pick up points.


Stashes will include the global storage box. Here you can access your global storage items and interact with it the same way as with the box in current special locations.

Resting spots

Resting spots will contain the new tent. You can spend the night there and continue your hunting journey in the morning.


Flares are in development! The idea is they could be used to scare some of the dinosaurs and lure some of the bigger predators. They would be one use items available from the shop.

Other improvements

  • Game engine has been updated
  • Bleeding amount increased from vital organ hits
  • Added sounds to UI buttons and elements that were missing sounds

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Spinosaurus could clip inside terrain

These improvements you can expect to see in the next update 🙂

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.