Development Blog #24 – First person view rework and new dinosaurs!

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

We are preparing multiple improvements for the coming update: first person view rework, new flying dinosaur Thalassodromeus, our first underwater dinosaur Mosasaurus and other improvements! Read on to find out more!

Thanks again for your great ideas and support!

First person model & animation rework

In the next update the first person model and animations will get a total rework.

New models

First person hands will reflect the clothing and character choice the player has made. It means that all current characters Jack, Amy and Scotch will have their own first person hand models displayed. The first person clothing will have the look you chose in the menu.

New animations

All the animations will be reworked for first person view. Here is a WIP video showcasing current progress with the animations.

There will be new animations for some interactions like when player uses binoculars or enters crouch position.

New flying dinosaur: Thalassodromeus

So far Pteranodon have been dominating the skies but now we are working another species to accompany them: Thalassodromeus. They are colorful flying dinosaurs with a distinctive look.

New underwater dinosaur: Mosasaurus

In the coming update swimmers will have to take into account that there lurks a new danger in the deeps: Mosasaurus!

We are not planning to include hunting gear to hunt underwater yet. This is something we’ll be adding later.

Loot boxes in the water

Loot boxes will start to spawn in the water too. They will have their own look compared to loot boxes on land. Loot boxes in the water might have more valuable loot in them including weapons. But will you chance it when a Mosasaurus can hunt you?

Sell inventory items

We are working on a mechanism to enable players to sell excess inventory. Sell value will be less than the purchase value (We were thinking 50% of buy price).

New player hat: Boonie hat

Boonie hats are being created and will be made available for all the camouflage options.

New revolver model

Revolver will have a new model in the coming update.

Gallimimus rework

Old Gallimimus model will be replaced with a new one. The model will be one of the first dinosaurs to feature fur/feathers to make it more accurate. All animations will be reworked too.

Reworked Gallimimus will not be part of the next update but we wanted to share current progress with you!

Iguanodon rework

We are also working on a new Iguanodon model with new animations.

Reworked Iguanodon will not be part of the next update but we wanted to share current progress with you!

These improvements you can expect to see in the coming updates!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.