Development Blog #25 – August update is coming!

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Find out how our development is going for our coming August update! We’ve added some content and have been working on finalizing the new features. Read on to find out more!

Thank you to our great community for your support! Your feedback makes a difference and we really appreciate your help 😊

First person model & animation status

From this video you can check how the refined animations look. We’ve done some updates on the models too. Players will have the ability to choose gloves for their player or go without gloves. And we’ve added some empty cartridges to the animations!


Model has been finished. Texture work is currently ongoing.


Mosasaurus skin texture has been created and we are currently developing the AI.

Loot boxes in the water

Mechanism for loot boxes has been finished. The land loot boxes content we will buff by adding a possibility for all items except for the weapons to spawn there. In water loot boxes you also have possibility to get weapons like in the screenshot below.

Sell inventory items

UI for selling inventory items is in progress. Sell value for items will be 50% of buy price.

Hard mode

In the coming update players can choose to play in hard mode. It is a harder mode for experienced players with more risk and reward. The following modifiers will then apply:

  • Non vital hits make less damage
  • 50% more experience and credits for kills and contracts
  • Dinosaurs make double damage
  • Map guides (orange circles) removed for non-tracking contracts. Tracking contracts will have a larger circle than in normal mode.

Inventory update

We’ve worked on improving the display of inventory capacity. There will be exact decimals shown for whole inventory capacity so that players get exact picture of used capacity.

Multiplayer network improvements

We have worked on multiple improvements to multiplayer networking. This means that players and dinosaurs will be synced better for clients. You can expect to see these improvements in the coming update:

Fixed player vertical look movement from sending lots of unnecessary network traffic.

Created new debug option in test menu for showing network traffic.

Added new debug information and more accurate message calculation.

Added dinosaur message per second calculation for better network development.

Improved prediction accuracy of dinosaur and player movements.

Fixed issues with special dinosaur states that would be incorrectly synced to clients.

Other improvements

Here you will find list of other improvements that have been done and will be included to the next update:

  • New translation: Brazilian Portuguese (Thanks Joseph M!)
  • Transitions to ragdolls have been smoothed so that dinosaurs will end up in more natural positions
  • Improved rendering of long sun shadows when source of shadow is out of view
  • In game menu settings now show correct values and slider positions when opening the menu.
  • Improved tree culling, so there are less disappearing distant trees
  • Optimized taxidermized trophies storage on server.
  • Improved error reporting when loading a mod with syntax error
  • Ankylosaurus ragdoll was improved
  • Pachycephalosaurus walk animation was adjusted

Bug fixes

Here you will find list of bug fixes that have been done and will be included to the next update:

  • Taxed dinosaurs now check for unique ID, so no duplicates / missing taxidermizes happen.
  • Contracts now check for unique ID, so no duplicates / missing completed contracts happen between sessions.
  • Fix for player not getting starting items when switching between development, demo and production server
  • Fix for getting stuck in creating a game server when having too short server name.
  • Fixed rounding issue in item hover info where ammo capacity would have incorrect value displayed
  • Fixed item duplication issue on client players due to server delay

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.