Development Blog #27 – New tutorial mode and dinosaur models/species!

junkerdaleDevelopment news

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Work is ongoing for multiple improvements: Several dinosaurs are reworked and a tutorial mode is being created to help new players get onboard. And a new species is being developed!

Thank you for all your suggestions and feedback! We really appreciate it 😊

Check the dev highlights video below!

Tutorial mode

We are developing a tutorial mode for new players. Narration will guide players through basic gameplay knowledge in a safe location.

Gallimimus rework

New Gallimimus model with completely new animations and skins is nearing completion.

Compsognathus rework

New Compsognathus model is being built with new animations.

New dinosaur species: Sinornithosaurus

We are working on a new dinosaur species: Sinornithosaurus. It’s a small carnivorous dinosaur. It will be the first species that will have the possibility to stay on tree branches. It can also glide so you’ll need to be careful with these!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.