Development Blog #28 – Hunting bow and custom map editor

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

We are working on a new bow and a map editor among other things. Reworked Compsognathus is almost ready. Read on to find out our progress.

Thank you for all your suggestions and feedback! We really appreciate it 😊

Check the dev highlights video below!

Hunting bow

The second bow is in progress! It is called Hunting bow and it is the game’s first compound bow. It will be able to deal more damage than the tribal bow and like it it’s nearly silent to operate so you won’t spook your prey. It has a built in sight. With it you’ll need to use new arrow type called carbon arrows.

Custom map editor

We are continuing work on our custom map editor. The idea is players could use it to create new worlds to play in and these maps could also be played in multiplayer. So far you’re able to alter the terrain and place trees/foliage on it.

Compsognathus rework

Our reworked Compsognathus is almost ready with a new model, skins and animations!

Pachycephalosaurus rework

Work is ongoing with another dinosaur rework: Pachycephalosaurus. The model is being finalized and then the skin work will begin!

Prioritized dinosaur interaction

Another highly requested feature is making it’s way to the next update: Prioritized dinosaur interaction. It means the dinosaur carcasses take priority over blood pools and foot prints on the ground when pressing interact. This will help tremendously when interacting with Compsognathus carcasses.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.