Fast Travel Update 0.89

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Fast travel is now available. Thank you for all the feedback! A lot of items in this update are a result of this feedback.

Fast travel

Players can now fast travel from one special location to another. Fast travel is enabled to all locations a player has discovered. It has a cooldown so you’re not able to use it all the time. Fast travel can be used from the new vendor machine.


New shop UI

Shop has a new look & feel. Equipment is now categorized clearly. The shop shows which weapons you already own to avoid unwanted duplicate purchases. The shop also shows the amount of each ammunition type you have.


New ammunition type: 50 cal ammo pack

50 cal rifle now requires its own ammunition type. Players can buy 50 cal ammo packs in the shops.


Multiplayer fixes and improvements

  • Binoculars now have animations on other players. 
  • Dinosaur and player movements are now synchronized more smoothly between clients and the host. 
  • Pteranodon is now properly synced for clients. 
  • Other player names are now visible properly. 
  • Reduced audio spam from joining a match. 
  • Dinosaur calls are better synced for clients.
  • When multiple players hit a dinosaur the reward is split between these players when claimed. If you claim a dinosaur that you didn’t hit, the reward will go to the players that hit it and not you.

Dinosaur updates

  • Increased spawn rates of common dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs now have new standing behaviour, so they are not constantly walking.
  • Dinosaurs now have a slight delay in reacting to sound to be more realistic and to prevent dinosaurs from reacting before a bullet actually hits.
  • Brachiosaurus and Iguanodon walk animation now matches the speed.
  • Pteranodon draw distance was improved. Pteranodon is now smaller.

Other improvements

  • You get both claim reward and contract reward from dinosaur trophies.
  • When a dinosaur is killed a message is no longer displayed in the top left corner. Instead a message is displayed when a player claims a dinosaur
  • When player dies ammunition is dropped evenly from all weapons
  • Player health is stored: New game starts with the health you had in the last session
  • Player spawns near the place they last disconnected instead of spawning in a random location around the island.
  • Harvest screen has a scroll bar when all hits won’t fit the screen
  • Added minor visual improvements to some locations

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