Giganotosaurus Update 0.85

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

In this update we add another dinosaur species to the island: Giganotosaurus. The update includes multiple improvements to the environment and dinosaur spawns. Read on to find out more!


Giganotosaurus joins the carnivorous dinosaurs of the island. It is a large carnivore and a tough beast to hunt.


Rare dinosaur variants

All dinosaurs now have rare variations of them. These variants are tougher than regular members of their species. Dinos also now have variation on their max health based on their size. Claiming rare dinosaurs gives double the xp and coins. Claiming higher integrity trophies also gives more xp and coins.


Dinosaur spawn system rework

Dinosaurs spawn all over the map and move although the player isn’t near them. This greatly improves multiplayer as the whole island is filled with dinosaurs and all players encounter dinosaurs consistently. Dinosaur groups are now less common for T-Rex and some other species.

Environment improvement

The terrain now has 4 times more variants for environment types. New trees, bushes and a river were added. We will continue to add more variations and detail to the environment in the coming patches.


New special location: Cave

Players can now find a new special location on the island. The cave has a shop but is rather small in size. In the future we’re planning to expand it and add more content.

Reworked dinosaur visuals

Remade dinosaur looks and animations for Brachiosaurus and Triceratops. The new visuals offer greater realism, more detail and improved animations.


HUD shows how stealthy player is

We add one symbol to show how much noise the player is making and another to show how visible he is. This visual guide will help players to pay attention to their stealthiness. We have done improvements to dinosaur detection logic and take into account if the player is within a bush or a tree.

Player Character variants

Player now has 2 additional options for a character. Now you can choose the character and a hat for him.

Other improvements

  • Players can combine & split ammunition in inventory
  • Interact icon now has the name of the item next to it when looking at items on the ground
  • The game now reconnects to Steam & Backend after failing to connect, so you don’t have to reboot the game if connection fails.
  • Bullet hit effects are smaller near the player
  • While typing navigation keys are no longer accepted
  • Bullet collisions are now more accurate, they hit for example trees
  • Improved unstuck system for dinosaurs
  • Fixed some item stash related compass and sync issues
  • Chat no longer gives inputs in in-game menus
  • Player no longer gets stuck between some rocks
  • Distant dinosaur death behavior was improved
  • Contract achievement requirements are now more balanced
  • Sleeping sounds were added for dinosaurs
  • Pistol animations for 3rd person character were added
  • Lots of new movement sounds added for player
  • Initial load of the game world is now faster
Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing what are your thoughts on the features shown. Join the discussion in Discord by following this link: