Hotfix for Predator Update

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

We’ve published a hotfix related to Predator Update. It addresses various issues with the update. Thank you for your feedback, it helped us hunt these down! Here’s a list of included content:

  • Fixed bullet speed of all weapons. It was accidentally returned to older slower speed configuration
  • Fixed error with contract generation
  • Fixed missing .338 Heavy Rifle proper gun bonus for different dinosaurs
  • Improved .338 Heavy Rifle accuracy value
  • Fixed various multiplayer and special case errors
  • Bullet drop amount was reduced for all weapons. This means the bullet drop is now a bit less than it was before Predator Update.
  • Fixed error with hiding weapon while running
  • Adjusted bow aim to match configuration before Predator Update
  • Improved gun sway
  • Improved smoothness of first person
  • Possible fix for tracking device dot irregularity while moving