June Update is here!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

We start this summer with a new update! The update includes smoother player movement, more trophy details and multiple bug fixes among other highly requested improvements. Check out these notes to find all content.

Thank you to our great community for your support and feedback! Have a nice summer! 🙂

Smoother player movement

Player movement physics calculation got a big improvement and overall player movement is a lot smoother. It will fix any jerkiness caused by physics rate & frame rate being out of sync.

Trophy details improvement

The trophy screen displays more information of each shot: What weapon was used and how much of the total damage the shot caused.

Map editor improvements

  • Added custom height map support for mountain tool: To use it add your own height map to your map folder and name it “heightmap.png”. Make sure the name and file format are correct! After that open the map editor and go to the Mountains menu where you will now see your custom height map.
  • UI improvement to custom object configuration in map editor. Added ability to remove last collider
  • Faster Mountain generation in map editor with multi-threading
  • Terrain Smoothening pass is now faster with multi-threading
  • Placing mountain now sets terrain to not saved state
  • Null check added for LoadTexture

Other improvements

  • Improvements to player elbow animation
  • Scrollbar will always be in top position when entering a storage or loot box to avoid confusion as items always start from the top
  • The small stand in trophy lodge will now correctly snap to walls
  • Data optimizations for weekly challenges
  • AI navigation improvement for over ground areas like bridges

Bug fixes

  • Fix for dropped items sometimes duplicating after death
  • Fix for hand being visible while equipping camo net on higher FOVs
  • Fix for weapon magazine sometimes stuck in front of player
  • Fix for two arrows rendered when drawing bow before death
  • Fix for custom objects in workshop maps
  • Fixed player from getting totally stuck in vedged in steep incline
  • Fixed player movement. No longer get stuck on small objects.
  • Fix for gun disappearing after trophy shot

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing you thoughts.