May Update has been published!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Today’s update brings improvements to hitboxes and new accessories for characters. Read on to find out more.

Thanks again for our community! You helped us shape the content with your direct input. We are thankful for all the feedback! 😊

High scores

High score list displays 100 best scores instead of ten per dinosaur. Whenever player claims / taxes a dinosaur with a high score they get a notification with the position in the high score list. High score list view is updated immediately when player makes it to the list. Please note that the list will display only the highest score you have for a certain dinosaur. You cannot have multiple high score entries in one dinosaur.

Improved dinosaur hitboxes

All dinosaurs have improved hitboxes. All dinosaurs walking with four legs now have hitbox location in front legs (hits register into Thigh_R or Thigh_L). New hitboxes were added to necks, tails, wings etc. so that they match the models better. Gaps found in hitboxes were fixed for many dinosaurs which should prevent shots not being registered that looked like direct hits. Some hitboxes were resized to better match the dinosaur physique.

New accessories: Glasses

New glasses can be purchased for your character. They have different types of lenses from black to fully clear lenses. Here is a list of the new glasses available:

  • Khaki Sunglasses Back
  • Khaki Sunglasses Black Tint
  • Protective Glasses Clear
  • Protective Glasses Yellow
  • Protective Glasses Black
  • Safety Glasses Clear
  • Safety Glasses Yellow
  • Safety Glasses Black

Other improvements

  • Updated French translation (Thanks MagSouille!)
  • Fixed floating spikes in Pachycephalosaurus corpse
  • Fixed helicopter from dropping corpses
  • Improved Steam friend joining to wait for player data to be loaded before joining match
  • Improvement to culling: Trees near player do not stop casting shadows when out of view
  • Improvement to spawn location: When you quit in a special location you will spawn there too
  • Improved player collision: Now when player is against a wall or any other block, jumping is not prevented if there is ground below player. This also helps with not getting stuck in rocks and other places.
  • Adjusted some distant tree colors
  • Added new option for ADS (aim down sights) toggle: Have it on and aiming behaves like before. Toggle it off and you need to hold aim button to aim with all weapons, binoculars and range finder.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes claimed trophy would not register to server.
  • Fix for underwater sounds played while killed on land
  • Fixed issue with feedback menu breaking main menu items layout after back button pressed
  • Purchasing hats, glasses or clothes now instantly updates the selection list, so accidentally buying the same item again won’t be possible.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. What would you like to see next?