Open testing for upcoming major update!

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Open testing of the upcoming major update is now available! If you want to help us locate any possible issues and give feedback before the release you can try out the test build.

The included screenshots have been taken using the latest test build.

Things to take into account before starting testing

The open testing version of the game utilizes different server. You won’t be using the same player in the test version but start from zero with a fresh player. Once you move back to the main server you will continue progress with your existing account and lose any progress made in the test server.

Before you start transferring your game into the open testing mode please make a backup of your player.txt file. It can be found in %steamlibrary_folder%/Prehistoric Hunt/Prehistoric_Hunt_Data/player.txt . The file contains your trophy lodge setup and it will be overwritten if you don’t take a backup. Once you move back from the test version to the actual game you can copy this backup file back to it’s original location.

Please note that when you have the test build active you cannot launch the actual game. When you want to switch back to it in the Betas-menu you will need to choose ‘None’ to get back. You can freely switch between the versions.

Instructions how to get the test version

Right click the game name in Steam library list view and choose ‘Properties’. Then choose tab ‘Betas’. From the dropdown choose “public_test”. Steam will now download the test version and you’ll see in your library view instead of “Prehistoric Hunt” name “Prehistoric Hunt [public_test].

New things to test

As the next update will feature the graphics overhaul we’d like to get feedback how the new system runs on your setups. Overall feedback on the update is also welcome. We have still time to make alterations on content based on your feedback.

We’ve listed known issues / missing features in the open testing version in a list in Discord and will update the list based on your feedback.

What new stuff in addition to the graphics can you check? In short it’s here:

  • New item: Rangefinder
  • Death screen shows amount of dropped items if any
  • New clothes and characters
  • Bushes sway from player and dinosaur interaction
  • Water has waves and player swims along waves sometimes going underwater
  • Dinosaurs have blood marks if hurt by other dinosaurs
  • The newest death marker is shown with bigger icon than older death markers in the map
  • Login animation when starting game
  • Fix for multiplayer sleep issue
  • Taxidermized dinosaur which has high score appears in high score
  • How trophy lodge runs
  • New main menu background works

Thank you for your support! 😊