Patch Notes 0.82 – Loot boxes

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Here is the content of our latest patch. We’d like to hear your feedback, you can chat with us on Discord or give feedback straight in the game.

Loot boxes

Players can now find loot boxes on the island. They contain different kinds of equipment that help with hunting: Ammunition, medkits and new stamina boost items.

Loot box locations are not shown on the map so in order to find one player will need to watch for these things: When a player is within vicinity of a loot box a loot box icon will appear in the compass showing direction to the loot box. Players can also pick up the faint beeping sounds the loot box makes. 


Co-op & Spawn improvement

You can now add a player to your hunting buddies in the player list in-game. This way you will spawn closer to your friends when you play, so you don’t have to travel across the island to play together. Hunting buddies are added through the team select menu (keyboard P). Right click on your new pal and click “Add buddy”. If you want to remove a hunting buddy you can use the same menu to remove a buddy. More spawn points have also been added to the map.



Stamina now charges and consumes faster. When players stand still stamina charges even faster.

An indicator has been added to the stamina bar when players are not able to use stamina for sprints: The icon next to the stamina bar will flash red when players can’t use stamina. These situations happen when players have used all of their stamina or held breath for aiming. Waiting for a bit will enable players to use stamina again.


Stamina boost item: Energy pack

Players are now able to buy in shops or find in loot boxes new items: Energy packs. Players can consume energy packs whenever they have a need for better stamina. The boost affects both stamina regeneration and consumption. One boost lasts for a maximum of 1 minute. Boost length depends on the condition of the energy pack. This you can check in your inventory. The energy packs you buy from shops always have full load in them (100) but the ones you find in loot boxes might not have (100 or less). 


To consume an energy pack open inventory, right click on the energy pack and click Use. Now start to sprint you will see an energy pack icon next to the stamina bar flashing yellow. Once the icon disappears the boost stops. 


Dinosaur AI

When Tyrannosaurus Rex hears a gunshot nearby it no longer moves directly to that location. Instead it might come nearby smelling it’s potential prey (you 🙂 ). Your actions dictate more the outcome.

Other improvements

  • Players can now change weapons with mouse scroll
  • Helicopter collection happens faster and with less noise
  • New jump sounds were added to player character
  • Crouch can be set to be toggle or hold crouch in the menu
  • Pteranodon now make distant roars making finding them easier
  • Fixed Pteranodons getting stuck in trees

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing what are your thoughts on the features shown. Join the discussion on Discord by following this link: