Predator Update has been published!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

With the new update comes complete rework of the first person view, a new threat in the water: Mosasaurus and a new pterosaur Thalassodromeus. And there’s a lot more! Read on to find all content!

Thank you for the continued feedback and ideas! Your support helps us tremendously! 😊

And remember to check out the patch video!

Reworked first person models and animations

First person view has gotten a complete overhaul. All characters now have their own arm models and the model reflects the chosen clothing for your character. All first person animations have been redone. Many animations have a lot more detail than the old animations.

New animations also mean that animations you’ve gotten used to have changed. Some loading animations might be shorter and some longer, take it into account! You will notice that after you change weapon all weapons are ready to use immediately without extra animations. You can no longer shoot while running.


Thalassodromeus: New flying reptile

A new pterosaur species called Thalassodromeus is now dominating the skies with Pteranodon.

Mosasaurus: The first aquatic reptile

The first fully aquatic species Mosasaurus is now living in the water. Take care when finding loot boxes in the water!

Mosasaurus cannot yet be hunted as the current equipment cannot be used underwater. We’ll be implementing it in the coming updates!

Multiplayer network improvements

We have done multiple improvements to multiplayer networking. This means that players and dinosaurs will be synced better for clients. Player vertical look sending lots of unnecessary messages was fixed.

We added a lot more debug information and improved sent message calculation.  We added new debug information and more accurate message calculation. We added dinosaur message per second calculation. Improved prediction accuracy.

Fixed issues with special dinosaur states that would be incorrectly synced to clients.

Iguanodon rework

Iguanodon has been reworked with new model, textures and animations.

New distance and ambience fog

New distance fog was created to smooth out the look of the environment. New ambience fog was added which is most present in foggy weather.

Loot boxes improvement and water loot boxes

Loot boxes can be found in the water too. They can be recognized from their orange/white skin. Water loot boxes have higher chances of having more valuable items in them and can include weapons. The land loot boxes were buffed to have a chance to include all other items except weapons.

Sell items in the shop

You can now sell all the inventory items in the shop. You’ll get 50% from the buy price of the item. Find some loot boxes or sell your excess items to get credits for other purchases.

Please note that if you sell ammunition you need to have a minimum amount of that ammunition type to be able to sell it. The minimum is as many as there’s for one purchasable ammunition pack, for example pistol ammo pack has 40 rounds. The UI tells you the amount that’s sold at one go.

Hard mode

You can now to choose to play in normal (Difficulty level which has existed before) or hard mode. Hard mode is aimed for experienced players who want more challenge. Hard mode has it’s own leaderboard that can be toggled in existing leaderboard menu. The following modifiers apply in hard mode:

  • Non vital hits make less damage
  • 50% more experience and credits for kills and contracts
  • Dinosaurs make double damage
  • Map guides (orange circles) removed for non-tracking contracts. Tracking contracts will have a larger circle than in normal mode.

Ragdoll improvements

When dinosaur dies transition to ragdoll has been smoothed out. And the ragdolls will no longer stretch. Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus and T-Rex ragdolls were improved.

New clothing: Gloves

You can purchase gloves that fit each of the clothing options. You can choose to go without gloves too! Your choices are reflected on the look of the first person character too.

New clothing: Boonie hat

Boonie hats are now available for purchase in all camouflage options. They can be used by all characters.

Revolver remake

A fleshed-out revolver model has replaced the old revolver model. It has completely new animations too.

50 cal heavy rifle remake

50 cal has been remade with new model, animations and sounds.

New weapon: Heavy Rifle .338

A new weapon has arrived! .338 heavy rifle is a bolt-action rifle. It costs 4000 credits so you can afford it before the other heavier rifles. You’ll need to buy .338 ammo for it. And you might notice the model looks very similar to the old 50 cal model …

Tracking improvement

Tracking system has been rewritten! This allows to display a lot more tracks on the ground. You’ll find dinosaurs leave tracks more often making tracking more viable.

We’ve fixed an error in tracking caused by other player respawning in multiplayer.

New sound effects

Some new sounds effects have been added for most of the weapons. Flashlight operation sound effect was changed. We will continue to improve the sound world in the coming updates.

New localization: Brazilian Portuguese

Thanks to Joseph M the game is now available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Offline mode improvements

  • Missions are now loaded and saved to offline cache
  • Storage items are now correctly loaded and saved to offline cache
  • Player leveling integrated to offline with cached leveling properties
  • Coin and xp reward notifications now implemented to offline
  • Location data is now loaded from offline cache
  • Trophies are now correctly loaded from offline cache

Other improvements

  • Updated French translation (Thanks MagSouille!)
  • Inventory, storage etc. shows decimals for used capacity
  • Improved rendering of long sun shadows when source of shadow is out of view
  • In game menu settings now show correct values and slider positions when opening the menu.
  • Improved tree culling, so there are less disappearing distant trees
  • Optimized taxidermized trophies storage on server.
  • Improved error reporting when loading a mod with syntax error
  • Pachycephalosaurus walk animation was adjusted
  • Ankylosaurus has new textures
  • Inventory item menus can now be opened with both left and right mouse clicks
  • New UI icons for clothes

Bug fixes

  • Taxed dinosaurs now check for unique ID, so no duplicates / missing taxidermizes happen.
  • Contracts now check for unique ID, so no duplicates / missing completed contracts happen between sessions.
  • Fix for player not getting starting items when switching between development, demo and production server
  • Fix for getting stuck in creating a game server when having too short server name.
  • Fixed rounding issue in item hover info where ammo capacity would have incorrect value displayed
  • Fixed item duplication issue on client players due to server delay
  • Mission where user needs to own an item can now be completed when the item is in the equipment slots

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. What would you like to see next?