Sneak Peek #1 – Dinosaur AI, biome, loot boxes and more

junkerdaleSneak Peek

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

In this sneak peek article we will shed light on our future plans regarding the game. These improvements we plan to do in the next patches. Thank you all for the feedback you’ve given so far!

All the images you see in this post are work in progress images and are subject to change.

Dinosaur AI improvement

We want to give players more challenge and variance with dinosaur AI improvement. Dinosaurs will be able to sense players' presence a bit differently than they’ve done so far. Different species will behave more differently. Players’ actions will dictate more if a dinosaur is hostile towards the player or not. Dinosaur herd behavior will be improved so that members of a herd are more aware of other herd members' actions.

Biome & environment improvement

Plants and other elements will be improved to create more varying biomes. With this change players will be able to get more cover but they also might get surprised a bit easier by nearby dinosaurs. Environment will get more distinguished locations.


Loot boxes

Loot boxes will be added to the game. Players will find different items in loot boxes that will help with hunting.


Day and night cycle improvement

We are planning to slightly shorten the duration of night time. We are also planning to illuminate night time with constant moonlight.

Dinosaur tracking device

A dinosaur tracking device will be added. This will enable missions where players will need to find an individual dinosaur.



Velociraptors will join the inhabitants of the island. They will strike fear into the hearts of players.


Multiple smaller improvements will also be introduced in the coming patches.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on our plans. Join the discussion in our Discord.