Spinosaurus Update is here!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Spinosaurus Update brings multiple improvements to the game including Spinosaurus and interchangeable rifle scopes. It’s again recommended to check these patch notes before playing!

Thanks again for your feedback and ideas! 🙂 Many items in this update are a result of your direct feedback. Join our Discord here if you already haven’t:


New dinosaur: Spinosaurus

The island’s first semiaquatic dinosaur Spinosaurus is here. It’s a large carnivore that can move both in land and water. It is a very fast swimmer so beware of it while in the water!

Interchangeable rifle scopes

Rifles no longer have built in scopes. Instead their default sights are now iron sights and you can attach a scope of your liking to the weapon. There are multiple scopes to choose from. 

Please note that your existing rifles don’t have any scopes on them now by default. You need to travel to the nearest special location to buy one.

In the shop you can now find a new item category called “Sights” where you’ll find all purchasable scopes. Currently the selection is following:

Scope name Description Price
Standard 2×20 Rifle Scope A standard fixed zoom scope. Compatible with rifles. This was previously the built-in scope of rifles. 50
Standard 4×20 Rifle Scope A standard fixed zoom scope. Compatible with rifles. 300
2-4×24 Rifle Scope An adjustable scope for shorter distances. Compatible with rifles. 600
4-8×32 Rifle Scope An adjustable scope for longer distances. Compatible with rifles. 2000

These scopes are usable with these weapons:

  • Basic rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • 50 cal rifle
  • Tranquilizer rifle

In your inventory you’ll now find an attachment slot next to your equipped weapons. This is where you can drag & drop a scope.

The basic rifle model was updated to include iron sights and a rail to mount scopes.

The hunting rifle model was updated to include iron sights.

Some of the scopes have adjustable zoom. The zoom level can be adjusted with mouse scroll when scoped in. When not scoped in, the mouse scroll will change to the next weapon like it has worked previously.

AI improvements: Drinking dinosaurs & other

Dinosaurs have new behavior: They now need to have a drink regularly. This gives hunters a new way to find dinosaurs by looking for water sources the dinosaurs use. The behavior currently affects Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus and Iguanodon.

Dinosaur detection logic was updated. New behavior was added to dinosaursdinosaurs to take into account swimming players.


Players are now able to access water areas with swimming. Players are only able to access inventory and flashlight while swimming, no items can be held in hand. Auto movement can be used and using shift makes the character swim faster. Players aren’t able to dive yet.

When a player dies while swimming their dropped inventory can be found on death location on the surface.

All dinosaurs that fall in water can now be claimed. Their bodies will stay near the surface.

Ground texture improvements

  • All ground has now a bit more detail
  • Rock texture was renewed

Modding improvements

  • Custom Map Support
  • Terrain Editor
  • Custom Mesh and Material Support
  • Custom Sound Support
  • New mod parameters
  • Improved error reporting in mod config files to help find issues in them

New translations

  • Added French translation (Thanks MagSouille)

If you want to help translate Prehistoric Hunt to new languages, you can join our #community-translations channel in Discord. There you’ll find the game dictionary and get help with the work. We are really thankful for your support! 🙂

New dinosaur models

  • Giganotosaurus got a visual rework: New model
  • Pachycephalosaurus got a visual rework: New model and new textures.

Other improvements

  • Daytime is now longer
  • Player no longer makes slow slides on hills. When the hill is steep enough, the player will start a bigger slide.
  • Dinosaur turn animations are now more realistic. It takes more time for them to pivot to different directions.
  • Loot box texture was improved
  • Shotgun and revolver reload can be canceled after each separate shot is reloaded. To cancel, hit R or left mouse button. 
  • Adjusted Brachiosaurus and Gallimimus size to be more realistic
  • Player view is now slightly higher from ground
  • Secondary inputs can now be disabled in the menus. This is a possible fix for reports of character moving on it’s own.
  • Improved cone tree detail
  • Start inventory now contains separate basic rifle scope
  • Weapon positions are saved between sessions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where dino names were invisible in leaderboard menu
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed note menu scaling
  • Possible fix to menu switching
  • Fix for Steam authentication failing sometimes
  • Player can now holster all equipment
  • Fixed inventory issues when at full capacity and trying use and unequip items
  • Fixed issue with inventory showing zero bullets after death
  • Fixed shotgun shot multiply issue in multiplayer
  • Fixed player typing in chat opening inventory when i-key is pressed

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.