The first anniversary update has been released!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

The first anniversary update has landed! The update brings multiple improvements to the game like dinosaur callers and tracking devices. Read on to find out what other improvements were included.



Callers are now available for purchase in the shop. When used they make a sound to lure a specific dinosaur species to your area. Dinosaurs may respond to calls. These species now have their own caller items:

  • Brachiosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Gallimimus
  • Iguanodon
  • Pachycephalosaurus
  • Compsognathus

Tracking device & tracking device contracts

Tracking devices are used to track a dinosaur with a tracer. You will get the device for free when completing a new mission. In case you lose your tracking device it’s available for purchase in the shop.


A new contract type has been created called tracking device contracts. In these contracts you need to hunt a single dinosaur which has a tracer. The dinosaur species might be known or unknown. When you activate a tracking device contract you’ll see the potential location in your map like with other contracts. Tracking device will start showing direction to the tracer once you’re near enough. When you are very near to the dinosaur the device will start to make a beep in addition to the screen refresh sound. When you have a tracking device equipped or in your inventory you will be suggested tracking contracts.


Auto walk / run

Auto walk / run is for the player what cruise control is for a car driver. Auto walk can be activated by hitting C (default key binding). You can then hit SHIFT to toggle between auto walk and auto run. In auto run mode players are always kept with over 50% stamina to be ready for surprise encounters. The character will run until 50% stamina is left and replenish stamina a while by walking before automatically taking another sprint. While auto move is on turns can be made with A and D keys. Auto walk / run can be stopped at any time with normal movement keys. This mechanism can also be used while crouched. When auto movement is active an icon is displayed on the screen.

Night length setting

A new setting has been introduced when creating a game with which you can control the length of the night. There are three options available: Short, medium and long.

Other improvements

  • A new mission that will reward the player with tracking device
  • Four different types of contracts can now be activate at the same time: carnivore, herbivore, tranquilization and tracking device
  • Improved ocean rendering
  • Two new equipment slots have been added making the total amount of slots three. The new ones are number 5 and 6. These can be used to equip binoculars, callers or tracking devices.
  • More available contracts are unlocked on certain level ups. At level 4 you can see 4 contracts and at level 8 5 contracts available at a time.
  • Added binoculars to be purchasable in the shop in case a player lost them. Remember that you can get these for free when completing the second “Stocking up” mission.
  • Stamina no longer replenishes while player is holding breath
  • We've altered the logic of hosting a server to improve performance on all setups. This should prevent the game from kicking players back to the menu when you start a server on a pc with a slower hard drive.
  • Trophy ratings will affect how much credits and xp a kill grants. A diamond kill is worth a lot more than a bronze kill.
  • Improved third person animations
  • Contract and trophy claim screen now has a scrollbar
  • Adjusted shotgun integrity reduction to be in same level with other weapons
  • Utahraptors and Compsognathus no longer use the smallest bushes for cover
  • New achievements for gold and diamond trophy kills
  • Using mouse scroll is now possible in shop

Bug fixes

  • When dying and reloading weapons won’t go into weird states after respawn
  • Players are no longer inside cabin floor when fast travelling to cabin
  • A weapon duplication bug involving storage box
  • Improved Pteranodon sync to prevent them doing turkey flights in multiplayer
  • Players falling into water no longer teleport long distances but are instead returned to last near safe position
  • Fast travel vendor’s helicopter icon stuck on screen
  • Fighting carnivores less likely to get stuck on obstacles
  • Some locations were missing storage box icons
  • Fix for Rex carrying around carcasses of dinosaurs it has killed
  • Some dinosaurs spinning fixed
  • VSync setting wasn’t saved
  • Dinosaur location helper wasn’t updated correctly when doing tranquilization contracts
  • Carnotaurus is now able to take down all dinos it attacks

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