Third Anniversary Update is here!

junkerdalePatch Notes

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Time to celebrate our third anniversary with a fresh update! A few weeks late but it’s finally here! It features a new tutorial mode, reworked dinosaurs, weekly challenges and grass. Read on to find what’s included.

It’s been a great journey and we want to thank our great community for your support! 😊 Your continued feedback and ideas help us keep going! We are looking forward to the next year with you!

Check out the patch video here:

Tutorial mode

New players start the game with new tutorial mode before being able to go to the actual game map. Tutorial is voice and text narrated and it goes through the basics of the game. Tutorial is played in a new map.

Gun range

Players can now practice their shooting skills on a gun range (without the need to go to it through the tutorial). It is a separate map that’s completely safe and absent of any dinos. You can shoot with any weapons you currently own. Bullets are free at the gun range so you don’t use any of your own ammunition while in the gun range (infinite mark is shown in bullet amount). The gun range has five shooting places each with their own targets. The targets are at distances of 30m, 50m, 150m, 300m, 500m and 1000m.

Gun range can be used in multiplayer too so you can have a shooting competition! In the top right corner you will see the last hit on a target along with total and average hit score. You can reset your score with the machine at the shooting place.

Weekly challenge

We are introducing weekly challenges where players competed against each other in different kind of challenges. Normal and hard mode have their own weekly challenges. Top three players will be rewarded with gold, silver and bronze cups. These you can then put on display in your lodge. When you inspect the cup it’ll show you details of the challenge where you won it. Top 10 players also get coins and experience points.

Grass rework

The environment has completely new grass. The grass is overall lower and smaller and scattered more in the environment. There are multiple different types of grass. This also fixes the flashlight beam cut issue the older grass had. This grass also reacts to dinosaurs and players: It will bend when interacted with. New grass provides better visibility for players as it isn’t as tall as the old grass and will bend beneath player drastically improving visibility while crouched.

Utahraptor rework

Utahraptor has been reworked with completely new model, animations and textures.

Gallimimus rework

The old Gallimimus model has been replaced with a new model along with new animations and textures. They will now eat from bushes.

Other improvements

  • Updated French translation (Thanks MagSouille!)
  • Client player can see own arrows in dinosaurs.
  • Multiplayer server list shows chosen map and difficulty.
  • Added in game clock which is visible in menus.
  • Optimized contract data storage on server.
  • When selecting “use” on gun in inventory, the gun will be put in hand if it is put to the active equipment slot.
  • Special location markers are now smaller further away.
  • Improved basic rifle texture.
  • Improved some furniture colliders in lodge.
  • New footstep sounds for concrete.
  • Better matched grass footstep sounds for different materials.
  • New contracts for Pachycephalosaurus, Gallimimus, Utahraptor, Spinosaurus and Thalassodromeus.
  • Full binomial names for all species have been added to stats info page.
  • Improved culling: Less things disappear which are in view and more efficiency at hiding nonvisible things.
  • Improved secondary first-person animations.
  • Improved performance of large bushes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed dropped items no longer going through the ruins at Ruins special location.
  • Fixed ruins stone material displacement issues
  • Fixed dropped items being put inside rocks, etc. when standing on them.
  • Improved handling of Steam authentication failure.
  • Client players no longer have higher spread in shots than host.
  • Fixed high contract submit count causing issues with not registering and not getting credits.
  • Null error fixes in player, client player, spawn, player manager, spawncontroller, anim transitions and tracking data disposal.
  • Fixed Scotch character’s nail material.
  • Fixed small table lod in lodge.
  • When dying or taking trophy shot with utility item in hand it no longer breaks weapon animations.
  • Hand animation fixed when spawning without any items equipped.
  • Fix for dino territory generation when not enough reference points.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.