Cretaceous Update is coming soon!

junkerdaleGeneral news

Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Cretaceous update will be available soon! We hope you’ll like it 🙂

Go check out the update trailer to find out what’s included:

The update will contain the following improvements:

  • Reworked dinosaur AI with new behaviours
  • Three new dinosaurs: Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and Pachycephalosaurus
  • New weapon: .700 double rifle
  • New & updated environments
  • Global storage
  • Trophy score & leaderboard
  • New story notes
  • Updated contracts
  • Updated UI
  • Dinosaur ragdolls
  • Shotgun with pellet shot ammo
  • Mod support
  • Dinosaur hit reactions
  • Inventory improvements
  • Bug fixes & various other improvements

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Join the discussion in Discord by following this link: